decline and rise of venice beach

The Decline and Rise of Venice Beach

Anyone who knows even a little of the story of Venice Beach has heard that it started out as a magical resort city, declined to the point where it was known as “The Slum by the Sea” and is now undergoing gentrification. But what brought all these changes about? What factors drove Venice to lose [...]

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venice amusement pier

The Amusement Parks of Old Venice Beach

Southern California certainly sticks out on the amusement park map, with Disneyland being perhaps the most famous such park in the world. But long before it first opened its doors in 1955, the area was already teeming with fun attractions. Though you wouldn’t know it today, one amusement park hotspot, from 1905 into the 1940s, [...]

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kids on venice beach

Venice Beach for Kids

Venice Beach may not be the first southern California locale that springs to mind when thinking of family-friendly places to visit. But amidst all the offerings for grown-ups there’s lots here to keep the little ones entertained. As is the case in many cities, young people are choosing to stay put in the places they [...]

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Venice Beach Streetball

Unless you’re a big basketball fan, you probably don’t know that Venice Beach has a storied history in this sport. As far away as the courts of New York City and beyond, people talk about the basketball courts on Ocean Front Walk with reverence. According to those who know them well, this is one of [...]

Nightlife in Venice, CA

For a place that’s only a few square miles, Venice has amazingly diverse nightlife. Whether you’re looking for an elegant night on the town or a casual place to chill, world-class talent or just a fun night out, Venice offers the scene for you. We’ve picked five of our favorite options. Hinano Café Hinano Café [...]

The History of Venice Beach’s Canals

Visitors to Venice (and even some long-time Angelenos) are sometimes surprised to learn that just like its Italian namesake, the neighborhood has its very own canals. Even fewer realize that the canals that exist today are only a small part of a much larger network that was created when Venice founder Abbot Kinney first broke [...]

Skateboarding in Venice Beach

When people think Venice, one of the first things that comes to mind is skateboarding. Indeed, it’s been called “the unofficial skate capital of the world.” For many the skate park on the beach is one of the main attractions on Ocean Front Walk. Skaters from all over the world visit Venice just for the [...]

The Beat Generation in Venice Beach

The term “Beat Generation” brings to mind San Francisco or Greenwich Village, and the famous writers who embodied that literary movement: Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs. Yet many are unaware of the very active Beat scene in Venice, albeit with lesser-known characters. No, the rumors that the famous Beats lived here aren’t true, though [...]

Guide to Visiting the Beach in Venice, CA

From Hermosa to Malibu, Los Angeles has no shortage of sandy beaches. But none offers the same amount of color that’s splashed throughout Venice. What makes this stretch so appealing is the famous Boardwalk, which is a whole additional world of excitement and attractions. Nowhere else in Los Angeles do you have such a carnival [...]

The Doors in and Around Venice Beach

Venice Beach has gone through many incarnations—cotton-candied amusement park, beatnik bazaar, hippie haven—but even in its current manifestation as an eclectic mix of rollerblading professionals and marijuana advocates, Venice remains the perfect place to jam. And that’s exactly what vocalist Jim Morrison and keyboardist Ray Manzarek did back in 1965, when they came together with [...]